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Network Marketing

Fed up with your job?
(JOB = Just Over Broke)

Do you want to work yourself out of a job and into financial freedom? Read on.

On this page are a few tips on how to get a network marketig business started. Once you've decided to give it a go, run with it fast. Network marketing thrives on speed and momentum. Ask me for what works best in your country.

There is only so much you can do on your own. In a team you can multiply yourself. Everyone has only 168 hours in a week, rich or poor. Did you know that?

You go fast on your own.
You go far with a team.

Business Pack or Starter Kit

Your starter kit contains everything you need to quickly get your business going. Read the career manual and all the documentation first. This will help you move faster and avoid mistakes.

Use the Products

Most network companies provide an above average quality product at a keen price, which probably attracted you to them in the first place. Only on quality can they compete against the high street brands. You will succeed if you consistantly use this product. It is much easier to recommend something you genuinely like.

Be the Brand

Wear the button, or clothing, or whatever your company provides. It shows that you are open for business. There are people out there looking for someone like you. They will walk straight past you, if they cannot recognise you as an independent distributor.

Talk to People

Think of it as a paid for social life. Go through your address book or email list and tell everyone about your new business. Network marketing is a people business. Your net worth grows with the network of people you associate with.

Compile a list of people you know worldwide. Ask your sponsor for a list of local and world wide meetings.

Who do you know...
...who is dissatisfied with their lifestyle, job, income?
...who lives in a certain area?
...who has just been made redundant?

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